Concrete Pool Construction and Designs

For your next new concrete pool construction and design to go as smoothly as possible, trust the experts who understand the pool building process inside out. With over 25 years of experience in the concrete pool building and resurfacing industry, Jubilee Pools & Landscapes pride themselves on setting the highest standards. Concrete pool builders and leaders in innovation set Jubilee Pools & Landscapes apart. This attention to detail and high-quality workmanship is why Jubilee Pools & Landscapes are simply better.

At Jubilee Pools & Landscapes, our team of professionals consistently deliver top quality engineering and construction of concrete swimming pools. Freeform, geometric, large, small, on flat ground or on the side of a hill – no problem, Jubilee Pools & Landscapes has it covered.

We are the expert custom concrete pool builders in Perth.  We offer a wide range of options to ensure you get not only dazzlingly high-quality results but a genuinely custom statement that is uniquely you.

  • Fully-tiled swimming pools
  • Waterline tiles & plaster
  • Custom pools
  • High-end custom pools
  • Above ground pools
  • Inground pools
  • Free form pools
  • Negative edge pools
  • Glass window pools
  • Infinity pool edges
  • Concrete lap pools
  • Concrete plunge pools
  • Concrete indoor pools
  • Concrete pools & spas and water features

Have a dream pool in mind?  What makes it unique?  Perhaps it’s an indoor pool!  Includes fun and interactive features like slides, infinity pool edges, sun decks, glass windows and beach entries. Concrete pool features not only make your in-ground pool uniquely distinctive but are sure to amaze guests and visitors. Add decorative features like waterfalls, coloured lighting and mosaics to create mood, ambience and a truly breath-taking first impression in your own home, here at Jubilee Pools & Landscapes we pride ourselves for being the concrete pool builders that not only make your ideas a reality but do it better than anyone else.

Why a Concrete Pool Over Fibreglass?

There are many factors that separate the two types of pools.

A concrete swimming pool is constructed for lifetime longevity, you will never have to pool it out of the ground and replace it with a new shell as you do with fibreglass.

Your heights, depths and lengths are not dictated to by a fabricated shell. You can place your seats, steps chairs, water features anywhere you desire making it truly a custom pool dream experience, designing it to suit your family growing into it or out of it.

Custom concrete pools can be constructed to fit at the smallest of places to the most difficult ranges of land. There are not many places you can not construct a concrete swimming pool. Fibreglass is fabricated differently and has its limits to where they can be placed.

The only thing you need to renovate in a concrete pool with time is aesthetically possibly changing your tiles or headers. The majority of the investment is already paid for once and is in the ground.

To drain and de-commission your water in a concrete pool for any reason is easy and can be done at any amount of times. In fibreglass however once water is filled in the pool it is a very fragile process to do at any time, investing in bracing the fibreglass pool must be spent so it won’t collapse on de-commissioning.

On resale, the benefits of a fully customised pool to a fibreglass is no comparison. A concrete pool will always add value to your home equity over fibreglass. Let alone the aesthetics of tiles, headers etc that can sometimes not be possible on fibreglass pools that have not been engineered to hold their weight.


How much does a Concrete Swimming Pool Cost?

A Concrete Swimming Pool starts at around $40k -$100k+

How long is the Concrete Swimming Pool Construction Process?

A Concrete Pool Construction process should take around 12 weeks- remembering that the concrete pool shell must be left to cure at least for 1 month at least required by law.

When is the best time to build a Concrete Pool?

Around September to December is the most buisiest times in  the pool construction industry, everyone wants a pool over the Holidays. The best time is once you receive a quotation you are happy with , it is wisely recommended that you book and close a starting date Jubilee Pools & Landscapes build concrete swimming pools all year round and winter is no exception.. Some people prefer to wait for the earlier months of the season January to August they dont want to rush things or they have plans where the construction of their concrete pool shell will be built first. Rest assured Jubilee Pools & Landscapes can fit to build your pool all year round.


Thank you so much and be sure to thank Andrew as well, we’ve had a dreadfully hot wet season this year but our pool is beautiful and cool, and just looks so inviting all the time.Garry Herbert

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