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Concrete Pools Perth

For our first post this weeks post I will be explaining why you should choose a concrete pool over fibreglass pool and the benefits that come with that decision! concrete swimming pools are constructed for a life time longevity, you will never have to replace or lift it out of the ground as you do with fibreglass.

All your heights, depths and lengths are not dictated to you by a fabricated shell. You can place your custom pool seats, steps chairs, water features anywhere you desire making it truly a custom pool dream experience, designing it to suit your family growing into it or out of it.

Custom concrete pools, can be constructed to fit at the smallest of places to the most difficult ranges of land. There are not many places you cannot construct a concrete swimming pool. Fibreglass is fabricated differently and has its limits to where they can be placed. Pool renovations in a concrete swimming pool with time is aesthetically possibly changing your tiles or headers. The most of the pool investment is already paid for once and is in the ground already

To drain and de-commission your water in a concrete pool for any reason is easy and can be done at any amount of times.In fibreglass however once, water is filled in the pool it is very fragile process to do at any time, investing in bracing the fibreglass pool must be spent so it won’t collapse on de-commissioning.

A concrete swimming pool will always add value to your home equity over fibreglass. Let alone the aesthetics of tiles, headers etc that can sometimes not be possible on fibreglass pools that have not been engineered to hold their weight.

I hope this helps you to understand why you should choose a concrete pool over a fibreglass. After all, It is an investment you are making and overall a much wiser decision to go with a concrete pool.

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