Five Benefits of Building a Concrete Pool

Five Benefits of Building a Concrete Pool

If you’ve decided you want to build a pool this year, the first consideration is deciding which type you want. There are three main kinds: fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner pools.

In terms of durability, flexibility and aesthetics, we highly recommend choosing a concrete pool. There are numerous benefits of concrete pools over fibreglass and vinyl liner pools.


  • Concrete pools can be completely customised to suit the shape of your backyard. Whether you go for a simple rectangular pool or decide to shape it like a love heart, it can be done. Jubilee Pools and Landscapes can create whatever shape you desire. There’s unlimited flexibility in regards to size, colour and configuration.

Finishing Touches:

  • You can get whatever look you like with a variety of beautiful finishes. From a fully titled concrete pool to rendering or polished concrete, you can get the perfect look to suit your home and garden. You can include water features, spas, sunken pool lounge areas – you can be as creative and unique in your designs as you like. Only with concrete pools can you choose from a variety of surface finishes which can add more personality and aesthetics to your backyard.

Superior Longevity:

  • Concrete is considered a premium construction material. It has superior structural integrity as well as being part of the surround structure. Concrete pools are stronger and more durable than other pools. In many cases after a pool has been installed for 10-15 years, a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool will have to be replaced rather than renovated. This can potentially reduce your long term costs by selecting a concrete pool.
    Additions: You are easily able to upgrade and adapt your pools appearance if you want to refresh it, by re-fixing commonly available products such as tiles and render coatings. You can add a water feature, ledges, alcoves, fountain, built in seats and other features.

Property Value:

  • Not only will a concrete pools be a great addition to your home, but it will immediately increase the value of your property. A concrete pool will typically add more value to your property because of its additional strength, durability and longevity.

With all of the benefits that come with a concrete pool, it’s hard to justify going with anything else. Essentially, concrete pools provide a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing pool that will last longer and add more value to your property. So if you want a stunning, fully customised, luxury pool then your first decision is already made!

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