Why Choose Jubilee Perths Favourite Pool Builder?

Our Process from Start to Finish

Whether your project is a restoration or renovation of an existing pool, to a completely new installation of a concrete pool, your first point of call at Jubilee Pools is with our excellent customer service team, who are always at the ready to provide you with expert advice and guidance.

The first step of any project we undertake is booking an obligation-free site evaluation, performed by the owner of Jubilee Pools, Andrew McCracken, who will be personally handling your project. During the visit, Andrew will go over the details of your project and provide you with a personalized consultation. Drawing from over 30 years of experience in the industry Andrew provides you with his expertise and industry knowledge to help you make the most informed decisions possible about your project.

From the measurements and details provided by your existing designs, or new measurements taken and designed by our expert staff at Jubilee, a detailed quote will be provided alongside a 3D rendering of the project. Lastly any variations to the quote are discussed and agreed upon and a contract is written and agreed to before the construction phase commences.

Jubilee Pools are experienced builders registered with both SPASA WA & HIA. While a timeline of construction periods can be estimated, keep in mind that external factors like fencing requirements, other construction projects prohibiting access or weather conditions can interrupt or extend a projects timeframe and such delays are beyond our control.

At every stage of construction Jubilee Pools follows all safety procedures such as fencing, engineer approval and safe workplace conduct by our employees. For a typical concrete pool, there are generally four stages of construction

The following Process is taken in the building of a Jubilee concrete pool.

  1. From the first point of call you are greeted by our friendly staff and given expert advice and guidance.

  2. A site visit obligation free with the owner of Jubilee Pools (Andrew), who is also your pool builder contractor is booked.

  3. Andrew will come to site and sit with yFroou and give you a personalised consultation on your new pool or renovation.

  4. Jubilee pools sets a proposed design or if plans & designs are instilled proceed with a detailed quotation.

  5. Once quotation is accepted Jubilee Pools fine tunes any variations or 3D drawings & sent for a final approval.

  6. Approval: Once approved contract is drawn up and signed by both parties.

    Jubilee Pools are Industry registered builders with SPASA WA & HIA

  7. Engineering is prepared

  8. Applications & permits to council are submitted to the appropriate shire.

  9. Excavation process begins.

  1. Safety fencing is set in place.

  2. Form work and steel proceeds

  3. Plumbing of the shell commences

  4. Concrete shell is poured.

  5. Shell sits to cure for 4 weeks min.

  6. Preparation of Render commences

  7. Tiling and headers commences

  8. Electrical & Equipment is installed

  9. Pool Fencing installed

  10. Pool Surface if not fully tiled is install

  11. Final clean up preparation

  12. Pool is filled and balanced

  13. The pool is ready!  a handover kit is given and Andrew goes through the running of the pool system.